Yandere Simulator How To Do Kokona Harukas Hairstyle In Real Life?

Yandere Simulator How To Do Kokona Harukas Hairstyle In Real Life?

What does kokona look like?

Kokona finds slicked back hair, purple hair, glasses, piercings, and intelligence attractive in a guy.

Who has a crush on kokona?

Kokona Haruka
Club Cooking
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Taro Yamada
Strength Incapable of self-defense

How old is kokona Haruka?

Kokona Haruka is a female student that attends Akademi High School in LoveSick. She’s a member of the school’s Cooking Club. She is 18 years old and her class is 3-2.

Kokona Haruka
Name Kokona Haruka
Gender Female
Age 18
Class 3-2

What is Yanderes real name?

Yandere -chan
Real name Ayano Aishi
Also known as Yan-chan, Yan, Yandere
Nationality Japanese
Age 18


How do you befriend kokona?

Befriending Kokona (Debug builds) This will grant Ayano the ability to write a note for Kokona and put it in her locker, asking Kokona to meet her, for this elimination method, on the rooftop. When Kokona is on the rooftop, the player can push her off, but they can also choose the “Offer Help” option.

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How old is Midori Gurin?


My Rating
Club Gaming
Age Around 18
Personality Social Butterfly
Crush None

Who is info Chan’s crush?

Her name is Osana Najimi. She has a crush on him. She believes in the myth about the cherry tree behind the school.

Who is Senpai’s crush?

Taro Yamada, also known as Senpai, is the love of Ayano Aishi/Ayato Aishi’s life and one of the main characters of Yandere Simulator.

Who has a crush on Yandere Chan?

The following year, both her parents took a ten-week vacation to America. Some time afterwards, Ayano bumps into Senpai in the hallway and immediately experiences emotions and a sense of completion. She then finds out about his childhood friend, Osana Najimi, who has a crush on him.

Who is kokona Haruka’s best friend?

Kokona and Saki are best friends, and almost opens up to her about her father’s debt.

Why is Hanako a rival?

She did not attend the same school as Senpai and Osana because her grades were not good enough. As of August 1st, 2019, Hanako was revealed to be Nemesis in the alternate timeline of Mission Mode after her brother was assassinated by Ayano.

Who has a crush on Senpai in Yandere simulator?

He will start to develop a crush on a rival if she has five interaction events with him. Kizana Sunobu.

Name Kizana Sunobu
Club Drama
Persona Lovestruck
Crush Senpai
Self-Defense Incapable

Who is info Chan’s mom?

“Ryoba Aishi is the mother of Ayano Aishi, the protagonist of Yandere Simulator. Ryoba attended the same school as her daughter in the late 80s. She has lived in the same neighborhood for her entire life.

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Is Yandere simulator a virus?

An executable can be “signed” with a digital signature that identifies the creator of the executable. In short: Some virus scanners say that Yandere Simulator is a virus (or “suspicious”) because I haven’t started paying hundreds of dollars to sign the executable.

Why does Info Chan hate Osana?

Info Chan is neutral towards Osana, she does not want her dead, she is just using her as a pawn in her game. If she really wants anyone specific dead it’s Ayano, though since she’s an evil persona she may also want to see other random people die so why not use Ayano for that.

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