What Is Elfrid Paytons Hairstyle?

What Is Elfrid Paytons Hairstyle?

Why did Elfrid Payton not cut his hair?

The long mane, a growth Payton had not cut since his junior year in high school when he and his teammates made a pact to grow it out until they won a state championship (they did not ), protruded over his brow. And as he ran up and down the court, it bounced and bobbed seemingly at the same pace as his bounce.

Why did Elfrid Payton grow his hair?

Payton’s high-rise hairdo was the result of a pact he made with his teammates at John Ehret High School in neighboring Marrero, La. “ My senior year we knew we had a good team,” Payton said. “After the season everybody was like, ‘Cut your hair, cut your hair,’ ” Payton said. “I was like, ‘I kind of like my hair.

Is Elfrid Payton still in the NBA?

Payton was drafted with the 10th overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers, but was then traded to the Orlando Magic. Elfrid Payton ( basketball )

No. 6 – New York Knicks
2014–2018 Orlando Magic
2018 Phoenix Suns
2018–2019 New Orleans Pelicans
2019–present New York Knicks


Did Coby White cut his hair?

But it is notable that the Bulls second-year former North Carolina Tar Heels point guard Coby White cuts his hair. He just hit a new level of fame after he was picked seventh overall by the Bulls in the 2019 draft lottery. All of the hat memes were incredible following that draft.

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Why did Jeremy Lin get dreads?

It was Lin seeking help, advice from African-American players on cultural appropriation. He feared people would think he was appropriating African-American culture if he rocked a dreadlock hairstyle. He feared the majority thinking would be like those of Kenyon Martin, who said in a video, “’alright bro, we get it.

When was Elfrid Payton drafted?

The 6-4, 185-pound floor general was originally the 10th overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers before being traded to the Magic on draft night. Named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2015, Payton twice participated in the Rising Stars Challenge at NBA All-Star Weekend.

Is Elfrid Payton good?

The appeal of Payton His defense is solid and he can wear down smaller point guards. He is the best point guard at getting to the rim and finishing. Back in 2014, when he was coming out of college, NBADraft.net rated Payton a 9 out 10 in the following categories: Size, Quickness, and Ball Handling.

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