Question: What Hairstyle Did Ms Breedlove Give Pecola?

Question: What Hairstyle Did Ms Breedlove Give Pecola?

How does Pauline treat pecola?

After she has been fired by a white employer and treated like an animal by white doctors, she begins perversely to treat her daughter, Pecola, with the same contempt. She is often cruel, cold, and aloof to Pecola as she looks at her daughter’s eyes and sees only ugliness.

Who gives pecola blue eyes?

One day, Pecola visits and asks Soaphead to give her blue eyes.

What does Maureen Peal buy for pecola?

Maureen offers to buy Pecola an ice cream at Isaley’s. As they walk, Claudia thinks about what flavor she will get, expecting Maureen to buy her an ice cream too.

Why does Pauline abuse pecola?

Pauline abuses Pecola when she accidentally spills the cobbler all over the floor of the Fishers’ kitchen, Junior tricks her into his house for the sole purpose of tormenting her, Geraldine hurts Pecola’s feelings when she throws Pecola out of her house and calls her “black,” as if to insult her, and Mr.

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Why does pecola call her mom Mrs Breedlove?

The inside of the house is beautiful, and a small white girl comes in and asks for “Polly.” Claudia is furious that the child calls Mrs. Breedlove by this name because even Pecola calls her mother “ Mrs. Furious, Mrs. Breedlove sends the girls away and comforts the little white girl, who has begun to cry.

Does pecola really have blue eyes now?

The imaginary friend wants to go out and play, and Pecola accuses her of being jealous. Pecola agrees to go outside, however, and brags that she can look at the sun without blinking. Pecola tells her friend that now that she has blue eyes, no one looks at her, not even her mother.

What does pecola think will happen if she has blue eyes?

Pecola has just been forced to witness a violent fight between her parents, and the only solution she can imagine to her passive suffering is to witness something different. She believes that if she had blue eyes, their beauty would inspire beautiful and kindly behavior on the part of others.

What do blue eyes mean to pecola?

To Pecola, blue eyes symbolize the beauty and happiness that she associates with the white, middle-class world. They also come to symbolize her own blindness, for she gains blue eyes only at the cost of her sanity.

Why does pecola drink three quarts of milk?

She hates it. To her, it is not a thing of beauty. The Shirley Temple mug that Mrs. As a result, she drinks three quarts of milk just to be able to use the Shirley Temple cup and gaze worshipfully at Shirley Temple’s blue eyes.

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Why does Maureen start a conversation with Claudia?

Why does Maureen start a conversation with Claudia? She was her sister. Maureen happens to have her school locker next to Claudia’s. Narrator says of the girls who come from places like Moblie and Aiken that they study “teacher education to instruct black children in” what?

Why do Cholly and Mrs Breedlove hate each other?

Mrs. Breedlove comes in and attempts to wake Cholly to bring her some coal for the stove. Instead of hating the white men, Cholly hated the girl. Because of this and other humiliations, Cholly is a violent and cruel man.

Why does pecola go crazy?

Pecola, a little black girl who thirsts for a pair of blue eyes, finally goes mad because of her never achieved wish. She can only live in her fantasy, persuading herself that she has a pair of beautiful blue eyes. She believes that only when she has a pair of blue eyes can she be loved.

How does Aunt Jimmy die?

Then Aunt Jimmy gets sick. The community calls in M’Dear, the local healing woman, whose height and authority impress Cholly. She prescribes pot liquor, and Aunt Jimmy begins to improve, but then she eats a peach cobbler and dies.

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