Question: Hairstyle Half Up Half Down Curls How To?

Question: Hairstyle Half Up Half Down Curls How To?

How do you fix hair half up half down?

Start with curled hair, then grab small sections from the top of your hair on each side (as you would for a French braid), twisting each at the back of your head to create the “ half up ” section. Work your way down and secure your twists with a hair elastic and you’re ready for your step and repeat!

How do you do Ariana Grande’s hairstyle?

Ariana typically styles her hair into big, soft curls, which are luckily pretty easy to create. Mist your hair with a heat protectant spray to prevent damage. Heat up your curling iron or your curling wand, and grab a one-inch section of hair. Wrap the hair around the barrel, starting about half way down the strand.

How do I look like Ariana Grande’s hair?

Ariana’s signature hairstyle is a voluminous half-up half-down do, with curled, or straight ends. To accomplish this look, slick the top half of your hair back into a sleek ponytail and tie it carefully. Then curl the ends of your hair. This gives you a major boost in the process.

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