How To Get A Hairstyle Coupon In Maplestory?

How To Get A Hairstyle Coupon In Maplestory?

Is Royal Hair Coupon permanent?

Hair styles from royals are permanent but the coupons expire in 90 days. Keep in mind you can keep a coupon for as long as you want before it expires and it will apply to the hairstyles that are currently in rotation.

Does maplestory hair expire?

Yes, after 90 days the hat will dissapear along with all the other equip you purchased. The cupon for your hairstyle will dissapear after 90 days, but your haircut stays permanent. If you buy the random haircut cupon, your haircut will be random.

How do I change my hairstyle in Maplestory?

Tap on the three bars icon on the top right-hand corner of your screen to open up your options menu. Then, select the Shop icon and choose Cash Shop. Scroll the menu down and you’ll see Hair and Face options, just below Decoration. There’s where you need to go to switch up your hairdo.

How do I change my hair color in Maplestory?

How to Use. Firstly, purchase from Cash Shop a Hair Color Coupon belonging to the town you want to change your hair color in. The REG coupons randomly give one of the hair colors available in that town. The VIP ones let you choose from the available hair colors in that town.

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Where can I use royal hair coupons?

Take your Royal Hair Coupon to Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon, or your Royal Face Coupon to Nurse Pretty in Henesys Plastic Surgery to get your new style! You can preview the Royal Styles in the Beauty > Hair and Beauty > Face sections of the Cash Shop. You can see all the reward rates for Royal Style Coupons here.

How often does Cash Shop Update MapleStory?

Note: Gachapon update may take around 10 minutes before or after the scheduled rotation at 11:30 AM PDT / 8:30 PM CEST / 4:30 AM AEST.

Do MapleStory outfits expire?

The premium currency in Maplestory is NX, which players can use to purchase special items in the Cash Shop. A lot of the items you can purchase in the Cash Shop are not permanent and have an expiration date of 90 days after the purchase date.

Are MapleStory cosmetics permanent?

equips bought from the cash shop generally expire after 90 days, unless there’s a special promo going on for permanent equipment.

How do you use the Marvel machine in MapleStory?

How to Redeem:

  1. Log into MapleStory.
  2. Enter the Cash Shop in a non-Reboot world.
  3. Click the “Coupon” button.
  4. Copy and paste the coupon code from the Coupon Vault.
  5. Double-click the Cash items to transfer them from the Cash Inventory to your game inventory.
  6. Enjoy your new item!

How do I reset my appearance in Maplestory?

Buy an ” Appearance Reset Coupon” from Hugh Head in the Friend Story Uniform Tailor Shop. Use the ” Appearance Reset Coupon” to open up its interface. Double click or click and drag the medal to try to reset its appearance.

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How do you change your hair color on Android Maplestory?

Is it possible to change an android’s eye color or Hair Style? Yup, there’s an NPC in Henesys’ hair salon that is in charge of all android cosmetics. Keep in mind that your only options are from a pool of VIP/REG hairs/faces. At the moment, androids can’t use any form of Royal hair coupons.

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