How Many Braids For A Medium Box Braids Hairstyle?

How Many Braids For A Medium Box Braids Hairstyle?

How much hair do you need for medium box braids?

Medium length braids will require you to purchase about 4 to 5 if you have thick hair and 3 to 4 packs if you have slightly less thick hair.

How many braids do you need for box braids?

It can be tricky to determine how many packs of hair you’ll need for box braids. Ultimately, it will depend on the size and length of the braids you want as well as the type and brand of synthetic hair you end up using. On average, you may need as many as 8-10 packs of Kanekalon hair.

How many braids are in large box braids?

Start the Jumbo Box Braids That’s a total of six braids for each pack, so this style has 18 braids in total. Once you get to the box braids, you can connect them using the two-strands method.

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How much hair do you need for braids?

With about three or four inches of hair, you can get some smaller braids, and if you want to go for super long braids, you can go as long as you want. Five to eight inches of hair will produce longer, more dramatic braids, and hair longer than eight inches will make for the most extreme braids.

How long does it take to get medium box braids?

The average professional hairstylist can install box braids in about 5 to 6 hours, but the longer the hair, the more time required.

How long do box braids last?

“ Braids can last a maximum of 10 weeks if the hairline and nape are redone at the six-week mark,” Hill explains. “If the hairline and neck are not re-done at the six-week mark, eight weeks is the maximum amount of time you can keep your hair in a braided style.”

How much should I charge for box braids?

Style Price Duration of Service
BOX BRAIDS BOB $200-250+ 4.5hours
18INCHES $95
20INCHES $100


How many bags of hair do I need for small box braids?

How Many Packs of Hair for Box Braids? Depending on your hair length, you can use about 4 to 7 packs of Kanekalon braiding hair to do box braids. However, if your natural hair is not long enough to get braided, you’ll need to use hair extensions.

What is the best braiding hair to use for box braids?

Sensationnel 3X X-Pression Braid 84″ This hair is great for jumbo braids, ponytail braids, box braids, and cornrow braid hairstyles.” Sturdivant-Drew also mentions that this hair is easy to detangle while you’re braiding it.

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Which braids last the longest?

Micro Box Braids Thin braids can last up to three months, which out of all the braid sizes, is the longest time without having to go back to the salon––a gift in and of itself.

How long does it take to do box braids on short hair?

Anywhere from 4-8 hrs to do single braids ( box braids ) is normal. 2nd Answer: If you are a beginner, it can take you anywhere from 8-10 hours to do your own box braids. Overtime you get faster and your braids will look more neat and consistent in size and shape.

Are Goddess Braids?

Goddess braids are essentially thicker cornrows. They’re bigger in size, raised higher, and are also braided closely to your scalp. They can be styled in so many ways for every occasion; you can go from the gym, straight to work, then out to drinks, all while protecting your hair and looking superchic.

How short is too short for braids?

Lots of people wonder, “How long does hair have to be to braid?” To recap: You need hair that is at least 2 inches (minimum) long, but it’s best to have hair 4-5 inches. Know that braiding short hair is a little more challenging than longer hair.

How many bags of hair do you need for lemonade braids?

Lemonade Braids! Thanks to a certain mega-star from Houston Texas–ahem, Beyoncé–these braids (which were aptly named after her groundbreaking album) are a go-to style. To achieve this look, with the standard medium width braids, 5-6 packs of braiding hair should be enough.

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What hair should I use for braids?

When creating the Feed-in braid style, you want to use good synthetic extension hair. For this, the Sensational Pre-Stretched Synthetic Hair will get the job done. You will also want to make sure your hair is very moisturized and detangled beforehand for more ease. Also, pomade will be important in the style’s success.

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