FAQ: How To Get Serena Van Der Woodsen Hairstyle?

FAQ: How To Get Serena Van Der Woodsen Hairstyle?

Does Serena van der Woodsen wear extensions?

Yes, Lively’s hair is just that naturally gorgeous. Ortega says the actress no longer wears extensions because her hair is so healthy and long that they’re just not necessary for any style.

What lipgloss does Serena wear on Gossip Girl?

Rosy Lips and Cheeks On exfoliated and moisturized lips, use a non-shimmery pink or berry lipstick or gloss. Product Recommendations: Revlon Lip Butter in ‘Pink Truffle’

Is Blake Lively’s hair naturally curly?

Blake Lively Shows Off Her Natural Curls And, Frankly, We’re Obsessed. Blake’s hair steals the show, again. Plus, she’s undergone about 600 (read: five) hair transformations for different roles, making the versatility of her Famous Locks all the more alluring.

What Colour is Serena Vanderwoodsen hair?

Hands up who watched Gossip Girl and died their blonde hair that never ended up looking quite as beachy and au naturel as Serena Van Der Woodsen’s? Yup, us too.

What makeup does Gossip Girl use?

Lively’s favorite products: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and Chanel Glossimer lip glosses. As for Tagliamonti, here’s what she loves for the Gossip Girl cast and off the set. Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. “It evens the skin tone and covers redness, but it’s not heavy and it doesn’t cake.”

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What color is Blair Waldorf’s hair?

The natural blonde famously colored her hair brown during her Gossip Girl audition process to help the creators envision her as Blair Waldorf. Now, she’s forever remembered as one of the most iconic brunettes of TV history.

What mascara does Blair Waldorf use?

Apply mascara and line eyes above and below with a dark brown pencil eyeliner. Our pick: Estee Lauder Artist’s Eye in Softsmudge Brown. End the lower liner just before the lash line curves back upward. 4.

How do you do Blake Lively’s hair?

Here are five things I do to achieve Blake Lively’s hair.

  1. Step One: Sulfate-Free Shampoo. To get long and healthy hair, you have to start with your ends.
  2. Step Two: A High-Quality Blow Dryer.
  3. Step Three: A Curling Wand.
  4. Step Four: A Strong-Hold Hairspray.
  5. Step Five: Texturizing Spray.
  6. Step Six: Hair Oil For Shine.

Who is Serena’s father in Gossip Girl?

William van der Woodsen, portrayed by William Baldwin in seasons three, four, five and six, is Lily’s first husband and the father of Serena and Eric.

What lipgloss does Blair wear?

Everyone initially assumed it was a Chanel Glossimer since Blair is using a Chanel compact, after all. But some people have been saying that it was actually the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pop (P450), and they make a good case for it!

What color are Serena van der Woodsen’s eyes?

Serena often wears a peach which is quite pretty an unexpected. This is done because orange, peach’s more intense sister, is the opposite of blue, Serena’s eye colour, which in turn makes them look bluer.

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What shampoo does Blair Waldorf use?

Yep, believe it or not, Blair uses the expensive L’Occitane shampoo for rinsing wine glasses.

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