FAQ: How To Change Hairstyle In Wizard101?

FAQ: How To Change Hairstyle In Wizard101?

Can you change your hair color in wizard101?

This can be paid in 200 crowns or 15,000 gold and would work like contact lenses and hair dye.

How do I change my eyes in wizard101?

No, there is not a way to change your wizard’s eye color, sorry.

Can you change your name in wizard101?

You can only change a wizard’s name once and it must cost crowns to do so.

Can I change my Wizard101 appearance?

If you are referring to your in-game wizards, then you would visit the Magic Mirror Shop in the Shopping District. It is just adjacent to the Dye Shop, on the same street. A mirror sign is just outside of it. Each adjustment is 100 gold.

Where is the magic mirror shop in Wizard101?

The Wizard City Magic Mirror Shop, located across the street from the Hat Shop in the Shopping District, allows Wizards to magically change their physical appearance.

How do you transfer characters in wizard101?

You will need to place all items in a characters Backpack, Bank, Attic or Castle in order to have those items go with the transferred character. 5. Purchased areas will not transfer. They remain on the original account they were purchased on.

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